Main campus on Kijabe mission station established in 1915. Use A104 Highway and descend 5km from Gichengo. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Outpatient, Surgery, ENT, Dental, Pediatrics, TB/AIDS, X-Ray, CT Scan, and many other services.
General Inquiries 0709-728-200
After hours: 0787-145-122 (On-Call Manager)


Outpatient and maternal-child health clinic established in 2006. Located along A-104 just before the Viewpoint overlook. Phone:  0735-118-527


Established in 2001. Located on the Naivasha/Mai Mahiu Road, the Medical Centre is just 5km East of Naivasha Town.  Outpatient services as well as inpatient maternal care and delivery services.
Open 24 hours a day.  0715656926/ 0733422346


Launched in 2017. Located at Azure Towers, Lantana Road Westlands, Nairobi. Mon-Fri 8:30 am-5pm Outpatient services with a family practice consultant, laboratory, pharmacy. Rotating Specialty clinics including orthopaedics, gynecology, and plastic surgery.

Medical Services

Surgical Services

Questions and Answers

Where is AIC Kijabe Hospital?

AIC Kijabe Hospital located in Kijabe, Kenya. Kijabe is located within the Rift Valley escarpment, 65 kilometres northwest of Nairobi off the A104 Naivasha-Nairobi highway). Click here to view a map:

Satellite hospital in Naivasha is located on the Naivasha/Mai Mahiu Road, 5km East of Naivasha Town.

Outpatient clinics at Marira near the escarpment viewpoint, and Nairobi at Azure Towers in Westlands.

What are hours of service?

AIC Kijabe main campus
24/7 outpatient, inpatient, emergency, labor & delivery.
9-5 weekdays for clinics, such as express service, HIV/TB, Dental, Audiology, Maternal Child Health
By Appointment: Specialty Surgical Clinics are referred after outpatient consult.

AIC Kijabe Naivasha
24/7 outpatient, emergency, labor and delivery.

AIC Kijabe Marira
9-5 Weekdays

AIC Kijabe Nairobi
9-5 Weekdays
Specialty Clinics by appointment

How much does a visit cost?

General outpatient consultation fees are KES 430 for first-time and KES 380 for returning patients.

Express service clinic is KES 2500.

X-ray and Ultrasound are less than KES 2000
CT-scan is KES 7000-12500 depending on test
Labs vary according to need.
MRI is not currently available at Kijabe.

Normal delivery is KES 18,000 (NHIF covers all and complications up to kes 10,000)
CS is 54,000 (NHIF covers 30,000)

Can I use NHIF?

AIC Kijabe main campus accepts NHIF for inpatient only.

AIC Kijabe Hospital is a referral center, which means if a patient is being referred for specialty care, they should have a letter from their NHIF primary provider specifying that they are being referred to Kijabe Hospital. Without such a letter, there may be delays in treatment.

NHIF and Childbirth:
Normal delivery is KES 18,000 (NHIF covers all and complications up to kes 10,000)
CS is 54,000 (NHIF covers 30,000)

AIC Kijabe Naivasha is a primary care center and does NHIF for outpatient.