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Technology has come a long way in improving various aspects of human life. In healthcare, innovation in the field of technology has been adopted to improve both diagnostics and treatment of various ailments. The health sector has also successfully adopted technology in the training of its personnel. Simulation based training is an innovative teaching strategy now used in various forms of medical training to give learners exposure to  a realistic clinical environment where they can practice both clinical skills as well other skills including communication and teamwork.

Kijabe Hospital, through the Improving Perioperative and Anesthesia Care Training in Africa (ImPACT Africa) program funded by General Electric Foundation, will become the beneficiary of the development of a simulation training centre. In partnership with Vanderbilt University, one component of ImPACT Africa program is to enhance training of nurse anesthetists at Kijabe Hospital through simulation. The students will get exposed to various types of real life scenarios, teaching them how to efficiently use their skills to provide quality patient care and ensuring they develop effective decision making skills for the benefit of the patients they serve. The scenarios will also prepare them to provide care in resource constrained environments

The simulation centre hopes to not only expose the learners to a wide range of surgical cases and patients but also give them a chance to learn how to effectively care for patients even in places with limited resources as is the case in many facilities.

We are looking for anesthesia care providers working in Africa to provide us with different learning scenarios that we can use for training at the simulation centre. If you would like to contribute to this, kindly download this GPO simulation template – 02 25 2014 (1) and record a case that you believe will be a good learning scenario for our students. You can then send it to

Thank you!