Chaplaincy Program

Kijabe Hospital chaplains are fundamental members of the healthcare team, make daily rounds and are available 24-hours a day to provide pastoral care for patients, family members and staff.

They are available to deliver objective crisis intervention and spiritual support. Their main objective is to share Christ through compassionate health care. Because spirit is an important dimension of human wholeness and the healing process, its mission is to assist patients, families and staff as they face the emotional and spiritual impact of illness and crisis. Chaplains help people deal with issues of fear, loneliness, and ethical values, questions of meaning, hopelessness and hope.

Patients’ Ministry: As patient numbers continually increase at Kijabe Hospital, the chaplaincy division has grown to accommodate this.  The chaplaincy department shares the love of Christ in Out Patient Department (OPD) and waiting areas. In addition, there is ward spiritual ministry for all inpatients, which is comprised of evangelism, crisis counseling, discipleship, encouragement and comfort to the bereaved.  All our patients have a right to receive quality spiritual care.

Ministry to Staff: One of the major goals of the chaplaincy division is to promote spiritual growth, offer moral support and spiritual assistance to all staff in Kijabe Hospital. The chaplains carry out routine home visits to staff members who request support.

Chapel Services: The Wednesday morning chapel service continues to be the main service for staff, while morning devotions, Friday and Sunday night fellowships are also open to all staff. Every evening at 7 pm there is the intercessory group meetings. Wednesday evenings are dedicated to the worship team.  The hospital choir practices on Saturdays and presents in the wards every Sunday evening. The hospital choir has remained a very powerful group for ward evangelism.

Outreach Ministries: AIC Kijabe Hospital is committed to fulfilling its mission of reaching out to the most needy communities within Kenya and beyond. These outreach ministries provide free medical services and evangelism. There are two major outreaches every year.

Praise and worship team: The worship team is contemporary, energetic and uplifting.  The purpose of the praise and worship team is to lead chapel in songs that are easy to sing so that the whole congregation can praise God through music.

Intercessory team: The intercessory team was born out of a desire to recruit an army of prayer warriors who are willing to go to the front lines of today’s spiritual battle. Intercessory prayer warriors are men and women of Kijabe Hospital who believe in the power of prayer and believe that God calls us to stand in the gap for others.

Kijabe Hospital choir: The hospital choir meets every Saturday night at 7pm for their practices. They perform in the wards on Sunday nights.

Bible study Group: There are currently have several bible study and life groups that meet regularly during the week.