HIV/AIDS Services

The hospital HIV services team takes care of over 5,000 patients including children who come to the main hospital and 5 satellite clinics. More than two thirds of these patients are on Antiretroviral Therapy. The program has a strong emphasis on support in the community with 2 regional officers, 2 social workers and 2 adherence officers assisted by 110 volunteer community health workers. This team has enabled the formation of 77 support groups for various groups of patients including discordant couples, professionals and a monthly kids club. Kijabe Hospital is also a training center for the management of both HIV and TB that is recognized by the National AIDS and STI Control Program (NASCOP).

Clinical Training: In 2004, The Africa Mission Healthcare Foundation’s (AMHF) ( CEO Dr. Jon Fielder and Kenyan colleagues began a unique hands-on clinical mentorship program.  Instead of bringing patients to expensive hotels for strictly classroom-based sessions, the Kijabe HIV clinical training program takes learners to the clinics, lab and wards to learn under the eye of an experienced teacher.  Over 700 trainees, including nurses, physician assistants and doctors, have since completed curriculums lasting one to four weeks.

This expansion of training volume, with significant impacts upon the quality of HIV care across Kenya, was made possible by the construction of housing sponsored by the precursor to AMHF (Fielder Medical Assistance Foundation).

In 2011 Dr. Fielder and colleagues added a new component:  training in the recognition, diagnosis and management of HIV-associated tuberculosis.  Endorsed by the Kenyan national tuberculosis control program, this unique educational initiative involves lectures, case discussions, journal clubs, pathology and radiology review, laboratory exercises, and time in the clinic and wards with experienced teachers. The TB training curriculum is based on a book written by AMHF CEO Dr. Jon Fielder (Tuberculosis in the Era of HIV).  The printing and distribution of 3,000 additional free copies was sponsored by AMHF.