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Thank you for visiting our careers page! As a mission hospital, we recognize that our most valuable resource is a team of people with impeccable character and compassion coupled with specialized skills.

The core business of this great team is to provide and enhance our mission of excellent compassionate health care, education, and spiritual ministry in the name of Jesus Christ with rallying cry “Health Care to God’s glory”.

Working in Kijabe hospital is not only a job but an opportunity to reach the most vulnerable and touch lives. It is an exciting and rewarding career journey of witnessing miracles every day!  The spirit of learning amongst our professional staff is evident in our continuous education programs which underpin our organization’s commitment to progressive personal and professional growth. This is propelled by our vision to be a leader in provision of excellent health care in sub-Saharan Africa.

We welcome you to explore opportunities to serve at this mission hospital.

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AIC Kijabe hospital is an equal opportunity employer


AIC Kijabe Mission Hospital seeks to recruit for an ICU nurse to beef up ICU services.


The purpose of the position is to bring glory to God by providing quality ICU nursing care to the patients.

An applicant MUST meet the following requirements:


• KRCHN/KRN/ BscN with valid working license

• Desired qualification KRCC/BscN preferably

• At least 2 years’ experience in full time nursing practice in a similar position.

• Strong interpersonal and inter-cultural skills.

• Dynamic, proactive and creative.

• Attention to detail.


• A born again and committed Christian with evidence of maturity in faith

• An honest person full of integrity in his/her personal conduct and handling of job responsibilities

• High standards of grooming and personal etiquette

• Mature and courteous

• Strong interpersonal skills and inter-cultural orientation.

To Apply:

To formally apply if you meet the above specifications, send your application letter stating how your experience matches the specifications and CV with position as the subject matter via Email: on or before 30th September 2017. ONLY SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES WILL BE CONTACTED. Further information regarding the position visit our website

Date: August 2017
Division: Nursing
Department: ICU
Title: Critical Care Nurse
Purpose: To glorify God by ensuring provision of excellent and compassionate health care.

A. Quality Nursing Care
1. Assessing patients needs , planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing care
2. Performing a comprehensive physical and systemic assessment and giving evidence based nursing care
3. Monitor closely the patients under your care and respond to any changes in condition, alerting other team members as necessary to assist in the needed interventions.
4. Meet nutritional needs of all patients assigned to.
5. Monitoring and charting of input and outputs as needed.
6. To promptly implement agreed patient management.
7. To obtain and report laboratory results in timely fashion.
8. Be able to do and interpret 12 lead ECG in the unit
9. Maintain and follow infection control measures as per hospital policy.
10. Actively participate and contribute in daily doctors’ rounds and carry out prescribed care promptly.
11. Ensure emergency preparedness in the ward by: checking emergency box, assessing patient for change of condition and initiating appropriate interventions e.g. Activating Emergency response team, Stat Labs, ECGs, and Fluids.
12. Maintaining effective working relationship among interdisciplinary teams.

B. Effective communication.
1. Daily accurate communication to the in-charge and clinicians regarding patient care.
2. Ensure effective handing over between shifts regarding patient status, pending lab and other studies, current medications, fluid management status and any other relevant information.
3. Inform patients and their families (as appropriate) of their condition and any expected changes in status.
4. To maintain confidentiality in all matters pertaining to patient care and staff issues.
5. Participate in family conferences.
6. Participate in Departmental meetings.

C. Documentation
1. Ensure accurate documentation, interpretation, and reporting of changing patient status in the medical records and nursing Cardex using the nursing process (ADPIE).
2. Ensure admissions and discharge of patients in the unit is done in a timely manner with the appropriate documentation.
D. Work environment and safety
1. Maintain a clean and tidy patient environment.
2. Maintain bed side safety checks at all times.
3. Participate in clinical audit
4. Escalate patient safety related issues to the HOD/coverage nurse appropriately
5. Ensure safe custody and administration of drugs as per ICU/ HDU SOPs
6. Ensure safe custody of patient valuables as per patient belonging policy.

E. Care of Equipments
1. Be familiar with the use and care of equipments
2. Promptly report broken/malfunctioning equipment in the unit to the Biomed technicians, HOD/Coverage nurse.
3. Maintain clean equipments at patient bedside at all times. E.g. Ventilators, syringe pumps, infusion pumps.
F. Professional development
1. Ensure individual achievement of prescribed 40 CPD hours per year.
2. Adhere to professional and ethical standards.
G. Training and mentoring
1. To be conversant with the current Critical Area ICU SOPs.
2. To participate in the development, review, and evaluation of SOPs.
3. To undertake the teaching/mentoring of junior staff and nursing students.
4. To identify educational needs of the patient and family and participate in teaching opportunities.
5. Supervise the staff when assigned as the team leader and monitor performance of student nurse, and ward assistants assigned to your area and evaluate them in conjunction with the in charge.

H. Finance
1. Proper usage of supplies and avoiding wastage
2. Ensure all services and supplies given to the patients are charged appropriately.

I. Spiritual Ministry
1. Participate in the Spiritual affairs in the department

NB: Perform any other reasonable duties as need arises or as your manager deems necessary.
Working Hours: Day shift- 7:30am to 6:30pm
: Night shift – 6pm to 8am
: 15 minutes tea breaks
: 1 Hour Lunch break

Required Personal Equipment: Stethoscope, pair of scissors, mini-torch for pupil exam, watch with second hand, pen

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications:
1. KRCHN/KRN BScN with valid working license
2. With at least two years of hospital nursing experience.

Desirable Qualification:

Responsible to: Unit Coordinator

Supervises: Assigned nursing students, department assistants, billing advisors and cleaners assigned to that department.

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