History of the first 100 years at AIC Kijabe Hospital including stories of founding by Africa Inland Mission. Featuring Dr. Elwood and Bernice Davis, Dr. Virginia Blakeslee, Dr. Arthur and Dr. Bill Barnett, Nettie Sinclair, and inspirational stories from current missionaries.

Available on The Bookpatch in PDF download and LargePrint edition.   $5 from each PDF download will benefit the Elimu Education Housing Project at Kijabe Hospital.

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PAACS announces, courtesy of Drs. Carter and Nthumba and their talented group of surgeons, the latest revision of the PAACS Principles of Reconstructive Surgery in Africa.
This newly revised edition with its 44 chapters and index has been re-formatted to make it more readable. It has 523 pages (including the cover). The editors write, “The intent of this book is to give general surgeons in remote areas some basic principles by which to treat congenital and acquired deformities and disabilities. No attempt has been made to describe the technical steps of common operations, as they are well described in the basic texts. Our goal has been to cover conditions that are seen in the Emerging World, but that are not seen in the West and therefore not covered in Western textbooks. Also there are conditions seen around the world but treated differently in the Sub-Saharan Africa due to lack of equipment or therapists. Therefore, chapters have been added to give alternate methods of management for these conditions.”
This labor of love would have a commercial value of several hundred dollars but can be downloaded for free from Dropbox. The 54 MB edition (with lower resolution graphics) can be downloaded from .
The full-resolution edition is 1.6 GB and can be downloaded from dropbox.