Ongoing Research and Trials

This is a new department in the hospital established in July 2012 dealing with clinical research. Clinical research is a patient-oriented research involving interaction with human subjects. We also conduct clinical trials that look to find the best way to deliver patient care. These studies are conducted according to a formal protocol which defines what kinds of patient can participate and how much treatment is given, what is being measured and the overall duration of the study.

We assist investigators in conducting clinical research by offering the most suitable environment to perform clinical trials by providing fulltime dedicated trained research personnel to assure the best quality data.

We have an Institutional Review Board (IRB) which provides independent, competent and timely review of the science and ethics of proposed studies. It is composed of 11 members i.e. physicians, pharmacists,   nurses, epidemiologist, lay persons and a legal officer.

The IRB meets once a month. The IRB is working towards being accredited as a national IRB. Standards of OPs are already in place. The IRB charges a small fee for every protocol/study that is reviewed and all research   done at Kijabe Hospital must pass through the IRB. All research conducted at AIC KH is keeping with mission and vision.

Anyone interested in conducting a research project is required to complete a research request form and attach it with the proposal.  As research department we would like to encourage all hospital staff to be involved in research thus encouraging a research culture at Kijabe Hospital. We are planning to start an in house research training to create awareness and capacity building of our staff.


The IRB approved a total of 14 clinical studies in 2012:

  • Perinatal  Community  Health Project in Kenya – Mary B Adams – ongoing
  • Spinal Block Study for mothers in labor – Mark Newton – ongoing
  • Bubble CPAP – Immaculate Mutisya – results were disseminated on 18/11/12.
  • Neonatal surgical mortality and morbidity study – Mark Newton – ongoing
  • Pattern of presentation and treatment of crytorchidism in Kenya – Muma Nyagetuba – ongoing
  • The Woman Trial – Alfred Osoti
  • Iliopsaos  Myofibrositis  – Joshua T jong
  • Burns Study – Peter Nthumba – ongoing
  • Is the Bacteria  shunt associated with significantly fewer CSF shunt infections than Chabra shunt – Leland Albright – ongoing
  • Barriers to Evidence Based Practice in Nursing – Loise Gitau – Results were disseminated on 28/11/12.
  • Paediatric Head Injury study  – Mark Newton  – ongoing