Make a Difference

Needy Patient's Funds

AIC Kijabe Hospital seeks to offer world-class health care to patients, whether or not they are able to pay.  Typical use of Needy Funds is to clear the last 20-50% of a patient’s bill after the family has exhausted all resources.  In a country where average annual income is less than $1200 USD, a small donation can make a world of difference.

Elimu Housing Project

The Elimu Project is a crowd-funded 30 bedroom housing unit designed to host medical trainees and educators from East Africa and around the world.  Help us shape the future of African health-care provision!

Equipment Needs

Health care for the least-of-these requires keeping patient costs as low as possible, which means the hospital is often reliant on donations to purchase new equipment in order to advance patient care.

Medical Gases Plant

A $200,000 (20 million Ksh) upgrade to provide medical gases to the entire hospital.  The project is currently funded out of hospital revenue, which places a huge strain on purchasing needs for vital equipment and infrastructure projects.

Kitchen Renovation

A $70,000 project to renovate and provide new equipment for the hospital kitchen which was damaged by fire in 2015.  Equipping and outfitting will provide employment for 40 individuals and generate $100,000+ annual revenue for the hospital.

Volunteer Opportunities

AIC Kijabe Hospital’s senior medical staff is comprised of 15 Kenyan doctors and 15 long term volunteers from around the globe.  We are always seeking doctors & therapists with a strong Christian faith who feel a call to love, serve, teach, and disciple, both short-term (from 2 weeks to 6 months) and long-term (12 months or longer).

Donation Methods


Friends of Kijabe is a U.S. based 501 (c) 3 charitable organization created to partner with AIC Kijabe Hospital.  Donations are tax-deductible for American donors, but can be made worldwide.  Find a list of funds and donate at  


Lipa Na Mpesa Pay Bill

Business Number 512900

Account: Patient Number or Fund Name

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Watsi is a crowd-funding platform to provide surgical care in the developing world at no cost to patients.  View a list of Watsi patient at Kijabe at

** Sustained Acts Inc. is still a partner of Kijabe Hospital, and we are so very grateful for their ongoing support of AIC Kijabe.