Urgent Equipment Needs

Equipment donations allow AIC Kijabe Hospital to keep costs as low as possible while offering world-class health care to the neediest of patients from Kenya and surrounding countries.

Are you coming to help out at Kijabe Hospital and does your hospital have some small items they are willing to donate? Click here (Equipment Request) for a list hard-for-us-to-find items that may be disposable there but valuable here and will fit in your luggage.  Thanks for helping us keep things running while keeping costs low.

If you can help with our equipment needs or wish to ask questions, please contact David Shirk in the Resource Mobilization Department at: mailto:resmob.kh@gmail.com or donate directly via the PayPal link below:

1.  Scan through the list of urgently needed items below.
2.  If you are able to completely fund a piece of equipment, make note of the Equipment Item Code, which you wish to donate towards.  Otherwise your donation will be used where most needed by the hospital.
3.  Click on the PayPal “Donate” button below to make a donation now.
4.  Once you have completed your financial information on the first PayPal screen, the next PayPal Screen will have a “notes” section into which you can type the Project Code or any other instructions for your donation – thank you!




LED Theatre Lights Needed by October 2015


Price: USD $8500 for 3 units

Code: Theatre Lights

We will have the opportunity to purchase these LED lights at a fantastic price in November 2015.  Would you help equip our surgical team to operate at a world-class capacity?


GE OEC 9600 C-arm

c-armOrthopaedic Dept’s Most Urgent Need! ($21,000 already raised!)
Price: USD$40,000
Code: CA1
Info: Imagine breaking a tree branch, and then having to use brackets and screws to put the two pieces back together so that the ends fit together perfectly.  Now, try putting the broken pieces, brackets and screws in a sock – and bring them into perfect alignment.  This is what our orthopedic surgeons are doing every day, without a C-arm.  A C-arm is a specialised mobile xray machine that fits into the operating theatre, taking pictures of those hidden bones and hardware so that our surgeons can be sure they are restoring mobility to our broken patients, perfectly, every time.



Infant weigh basketBaby Weigh Scales
Needed: 8
Price: Ksh 12,500 (US$145) each
Code: BW1
Info: Prematurity is one of the biggest causes of newborn deaths in sub Saharan Africa, but at Kijabe Hospital we are able to save some of the smallest babies in the country.  Will you help us send them home faster by tracking their growth accurately?


child adult scalesManual Child /Adult Scales
Needed: 5
Price: Ksh 20,000 (US$233) each
Code: MC1
Info: When sick children come to the hospital, we need to know how much they weigh  so we can make sure they have enough nutrition, and to give them the right dose of medications to help them to return to health.  Will you help us weigh these children?



Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 4.56.32 PMPortable Pulse Oximeters
Needed: 24 per year
Price: US $35 each
Code: MC1
Info: Medical Officer and Clinical Officer interns posted to Kijabe Hospital can benefit greatly from access to this most basic lifesaving tool.  Please contact resmob.kh@gmail.com if you would consider providing several.

suction machine Suction Machines (1 funded, 4 left to buy)
Needed: 5
Price: Ksh 20,000 (US$233) each
Code: SM1
Info: People stop breathing for all kinds of reasons – but when the airway is blocked by blood from a facial injury, swelling from an infection or secretions from a chronic lung problem, every second counts.  Will you help us open up airways by making sure we have suction machines that work so we help people breathe again?


resustrolleyResuscitation Trolley (Baylem EC-500P)
Needed: 4 (3 funded – only 1 left to buy!)
Price: Ksh 90,000 (US$1008) each
Code: RT1
Info: When a child comes in not breathing and blue, the nurse and doctor need to jump to action with the right sized equipment – and the last thing anyone wants to do is rummage through a large box to find just the right thing.  Will you help us buy a purpose-built trolley – with drawers and compartments that help us keep the right tubes in the right place so we can use them right now?
exam lightsExamination Lights for Maternity
Needed: 2
Price:  Ksh 100,000 (US$1,163) each
Code: EL1
Info: It is 2am and you have just arrived down the winding mountain road to Kijabe to have your baby.  You are pushing but the doctor can’t see well enough to decide if your baby needs a little extra help to be born.  Will you help us make the best decisions with a good light to ensure these little ones arrive safely?


perfusor_compact_sInfusion Pumps (Perfusor Compact – Surgipharm)
Needed: 10 (2 funded – only 8 left to buy!)
Price: Ksh 115,000 (US$1350) each
Code: IP1
Info: For critically sick people, medications & IV fluids require a delicate balance – if we give them too quickly, we may hurt someone, and if we give them too slowly we may not be able to help in time.  Will you help us give exactly the right amount of what our patients need by buying us an infusion pump?


Stand-mounted Pulse Oximeters (Mars Medical)pulseox
Needed:10 (1 purchased – only 9 left to buy!)
Price: 180,000Ksh ($2100)
Code:  PO1
Info:  The only way we can tell how much oxygen someone needs is to measure the level in their blood.  With this E.T.-like finger light, we get the information we need immediately – making the difference for a struggling patient between difficulty and ease, despair and hope.  And mounting them on a stand means they won’t get misplaced – a real help for years to come.


Needed: 2
Price:  Ksh 200,000 (US$2,326) each
Code: DF1
Info: Our emergency department is about to undergo a facelift – from 5 beds to 13.  With more beds come more sick patients, and right now we have one ancient defibrillator if someone comes in with a life-threatening heart problem.  Will you help us provide immediate electricity to people whose broken hearts can be jumpstarted?


air conditioner

Air Conditioners
Needed: 2
Price: Ksh 240,000 (US$2,791) each
Code: AC1
Info: This may seem like a luxury, but actually it is the only way we can keep our lab going. We can only do important blood tests to diagnose HIV, TB and cancer if our machines work, and in Kenya’s equatorial heat they easily overheat and we are in danger of losing them.  Will you help us keep fighting the fight against HIV and TB with machines that work?



vital signsVital Sign Monitors – 4 purchased, 16 left to buy!
Needed: 20 (15 for emergency department, 4 for wards, 1 for CT room etc.)
Price: Ksh 350,000 (US$4,042) each
Code: VS1
Info:  In our emergency department and CT scan room, unless a nurse sits at a patient’s bedside, we cannot tell if they are suddenly getting worse.  If we have these monitors, we have an early warning system that can help our overworked staff respond quickly to a sudden deterioration.  Will you help us respond quickly to save a patient’s life?
Needed:  7
Price: $10,000
Code: PB1
Info: Thank you so much to GE Corporation for providing Ventilators for our Intensive Care Unit in late 2014.  We, and our patients, are so grateful!


m-pesa_logoKenyan donations can be made directly at the hospital, or through M-Pesa.  Business Number 512900 Account 70351

Please email a copy of your Mpesa payment confirmation to  resmob.kh@gmail.com and include the project code you want the donation to support.


US tax-deductible donations may be given through out partner 501(c)(3) organization Sustained Acts.

Tax deductible checks and donations should be made out to: Sustained Acts, Inc. and sent to 640 Woodbrook Drive, Ambler, PA 19002, USA.  Please include a note with your   contact information and note the intended fund on the memo line.

Visit http://www.sustainedacts.org/2009/02/funding.html for a link to the Sustained Acts paypal page.

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