Last night (October 30th) a fire broke out in the hospital cafeteria.  By miracles and quick action on the part of hospital staff, no one was hurt and the fire was contained and extinguished quickly.

Here is the official press release:

The management of AIC Kijabe Hospital would like to inform the public that on Friday, 30th October, 2015 at around 2030hrs; we had a fire incident at an outsourced canteen within the hospital facility due to an electric fault.
The fire started after a power blackout and destroyed the canteen extensively. We are happy to report that no person was injured during the incident. The incident did not affect normal Hospital operations and the public is hereby informed that the hospital is safe and fully operational.
We are very grateful for the quick response from the community, Kijabe Police Station, Limuru Water Service and the staff fraternity.
We thank you for your continued support of our mission to provide compassionate healthcare to God’s glory.

We thank God for many things:

First, we are grateful that the fire started at a time when the cafeteria was closed and no patients were inside.


Second, for God’s protection of our staff: “I wish you could have seen what I saw tonight: Hospital employees tossing tens of fire extinguishers to others standing in the midst of smoke and flame as well as on the roof, fighting the fire without any protection, and at risk of the LPG gas cylinders inside exploding. Heroes.” – Andy Steere


Third, that the fire was contained before spreading.  Newborn nursery and Maternity were unusually quiet and able to be evacuated quickly.  At times there are 20 or 30 children in nursery and the surrounding rooms.  Last night there were only 4, and they were quickly moved out of harms way.


Fourth, we are thankful that the oxygen and gas tanks stored in a nearby room were spared.  These quite literally could have turned into bombs, but our staff were able to remove them.


To contribute in rebuilding, please see below:

**Click here to donate through paypal.  Please note Fire Fund in the memo line so we can designate your gift to the correct account.  US donors may contribute through Sustained Acts below for a tax deductible donation.  

m-pesa_logoKenyan donations can be made directly at the hospital, or through M-Pesa.  Business Number 512900 Account 70351

Please email a copy of your Mpesa payment confirmation to and include the project code you want the donation to support.

US tax-deductible donations may be given through our partner 501(c)(3) organization Sustained Acts.  Please note Kijabe Hospital Fire Fund

Tax deductible checks and donations should be made out to: Sustained Acts, Inc. and sent to 640 Woodbrook Drive, Ambler, PA 19002, USA.  Please include  your   contact information and note the intended fund on the memo line of your check.

Visit for a link to the Sustained Acts paypal page.

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