Needy Patients’ Funds

Kijabe Hospital’s mission is to provide excellent health care to the most vulnerable patients.  Patient fees are kept very low, even by African standards, but there are still some patients for whom paying a low patient bill is difficult.  Money donated to any of the Needy Patients’ Funds will go directly towards paying the expenses incurred by our most vulnerable.

1.  Scan through the list of current funds below.
2.  Make note of the Fund Code which you wish to donate towards.
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4.  Once you have completed your financial information on the first PayPal screen, the next PayPal Screen will have a “notes” section into which you can type the Fund Code or any other instructions for your donation – thank you!

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SP_WMM_KenyaHospitals-9608Needy Children’s Fund: 
Many parents bring their children to Kijabe Hospital because they know that they will receive excellent healthcare and will not be turned away because they cannot afford the medical bills.  Would you consider funding one of these vulnerable patients to ensure that they receive excellent medical while the hospital does not have to incur the debt?  Code: NCF1 Click here for more information: Needy Children Fund Proposal

SP_WMM_KenyaHospitals-9570Orthopedic Vulnerable Patient’s Fund:  Patients with ortho problems come from far and near to seek treatment at Kijabe Hospital.  A lot of these patients can barely afford the transport costs it takes to get here.  Would you consider funding one of these vulnerable patients to ensure that they receive excellent medical while the hospital does not have to incur the debt?  Code: OVPF1

Erdmann_0004 Community Project Kenya-19Needy Diabetic Children’s Fund:  In Kenya, where annual income is around $1400 per year, the cost of keeping child with Diabetes health are astronomical – $50 for a blood sugar monitor, $5 a day in supplies for testing glucose levels and more… and many parents don’t even have the money to catch the minibus to the hospital.  This fund helps our poorest patients pay for transport and doctors visits, as well as those essential supplies –  so we can make sure they’re staying healthy until they have grandkids of their own.  Code: NDF1
Erdmann_0004 Community Project Kenya-182General Needy Fund:  Children tug on the heartstrings, but it’s harder for us to fund the care of a grandpa who needs surgery on his prostate, or a mum with high blood pressure.  But it’s these grandpas and mothers who are often the breadwinners of the family – please help us pay for their hospital stay so they can get back home to their families who need them.  Code: GNF1

Kubota_KEV8732Ears to Hear® Fund
Price: 1 hearing aid = $300, 1 ear-mold = $30, 1 year supply of batteries = $35, 1 month of speech therapy = $40
Code: ETH1
Info: Significant hearing loss can be devastating to a person’s quality of life – affecting educational success, job options, family relationships and even restricting access to the good news of the Gospel. AIC Kijabe Hospital has one of only a handful of clinics in Kenya able to help the estimated 6 million people with hearing loss in this country. Many of our patients struggle to afford even the small amount we charge for hearing aids. Would you consider helping to improve the life of a person with hearing loss by funding hearing aids, ear-molds, batteries or speech therapy services?

Oncology Revolving Fund 
Code: ORF1   
Last year our pathology department diagnosed over 4000 cases of cancer.  In a country where the average citizen lives on less than $4/day and over 40% live below the poverty line, access to cancer treatment is beyond the financial reach of most.  Many squander limited family resources in a desperate attempt to buy what little care they can, but partial treatment is rarely helpful and around 90% of those diagnosed with cancer die within one year.  This revolving fund will provide the financial help needed to assist patients with cancer to access timely, effective cancer therapy.  Any size gift will make an impact in someone’s life.
Palliative Fund 
Code: PCF1
Patients facing terminal illnesses are frequently told, “There’s nothing that can be done for you now.”  This is a lie.  And yet these patients spend the rest of their days at home in unmitigated pain and suffering.  At Kijabe we provide quality, compassionate care for those facing life-limiting conditions.  We control pain and relieve other distressing symptoms, and provide psychosocial support and spiritual care.  We train home caregivers and when they are too frail to come to us for their medications and supplies, we make home visits.  This program runs at a loss every year because the average palliative patient has already spent “all they had” before coming to us, just like the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5.  And yet we cannot turn the suffering away.  Your gift of $500 (or any amount) will help cover the average cost per patient to provide them with comprehensive, quality palliative care.

vital signsUrgent Equipment Needs
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Marianne Nicodem-IMG_9347For All Other Donations
For all other donations, please email the Executive Director at:
or the Medical Director





m-pesa_logoKenyan donations can be made directly at the hospital, or through M-Pesa.  Business Number 512900 Account 70351

Please email a copy of your Mpesa payment confirmation to and include the project code you want the donation to support.


US tax-deductible donations may be given through out partner 501(c)(3) organization Sustained Acts.

Tax deductible checks and donations should be made out to: Sustained Acts, Inc. and sent to 640 Woodbrook Drive, Ambler, PA 19002, USA.  Please include  your   contact information and note the intended fund on the memo line of your check.

Visit for a link to the Sustained Acts paypal page.

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