Each completed project at Kijabe is a victory; a triumph of generosity, of answered prayer, of hard work, and of culminated dreams as we are able to fulfill the gospel by offering world class health care to the poorest of patients in the developing world.

Kijabe Sanitation Project Cost: US$750K –

Kijabe 18

Info: The current lack of an adequate sanitation infrastructure is causing water supply contamination at AIC Kijabe hospital and the surrounding communities.  A massive wastewater treatment facility was installed this year, completed in May, 2015.  Thank you to SIMAid Australia for financial backing and Inside Infrastructure Australia for consulting.

Kijabe Water Supply Project
Cost: US$185,000

water 2

Massive Water Supply tank installed in 2014, providing the hospital with clean, treated water!  FULLY FUNDED!  Special thanks to our donors, Serving in Mission (SIM), SIMAid, Inside Infrastructure Pty Ltd, Aurecon Pty Ltd, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Visszmeg, Mrs. Gretchen Maier, and Mrs. June Maier.

ENT 1Ear, Nose and Throat Building:  FULLY FUNDED! Our new Ear, Nose and Throat Building was officially opened in February 2014!  Many thanks to the Family of Lucille McCreight Lord, who donated the bulk of what was needed to build this new ENT wing.

In sub-Saharan Africa it is estimated that over 102 million children aged 5-14 suffer from moderate to severe hearing loss. In Kenya, of the approximately 13,000 children currently in deaf schools, more than 5,000 are believed to have correctable hearing loss.   If left untreated, this can have devastating effects on a life –  but if treated, a life can be turned around.  This purpose-built clinic will hold a full time ENT doctor, audiologist and speech therapist, performing surgeries and providing hearing aids and helping children hear, speak and thrive.

Electrocautery Units – Completely funded!






Info: Our skilled surgeons are experts at taking out an appendix or reattaching broken tendons and nerves – but the incredible complexity of the human body means that every careful cut can result in microscopic blood vessels springing open, which need to be cauterised immediately.  Thank you for these units which help our surgeons operate at a world-class level.

Infant Weigh Basket  (5 funded – none left to buy!
Needed: 5
Price: Ksh 5,000 (US$58) each

Infant weigh basket




Malnutrition affects 1 in 6 children in Kenya, and without any way to accurately weigh these infants; we may miss their diagnosis or not monitor their growth well.

Fluid Warmer – Funded!
Needed: 1
Price: Ksh 20,000 (US$233)





Info: Kijabe, at 7000 feet of altitude, is a cold place – and when you are malnourished, you don’t have a lot of fat to protect you when you’re sick.  Our sick kids come to us late in their illness and hypothermic, and often warm IV fluids in our emergency department make the difference between life and death.

Mother’s Hostel Roof, Paving & Benches FULLY FUNDED – awaiting construction! (Sincerest thanks to William and Rebecca Miller)  Price: Approx. Ksh 300,000 (US$3,488)




Info: Our sweet premature babies are often born 3 months early, and they and their mothers live at the hospital until they are big enough to go home.  Every two hours, night and day for three months, these mothers walk from our attached hostel to give their babies precious breastmilk – and during the rainy season it is wet, and it is cold.  Would you give these mothers a bright space by enclosing the courtyard with a clear roof, paved ground, some planters for joy and benches to rest and chat, instead of trudging through mud and rain?

Our committed partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation: (, through Hospital Support Organization (HSO), helped AIC Kijabe Hospital build and grow our two satellite centers, and established a HIV/AIDS and TB Clinical Training Program:

DCIM100GOPRONaivasha Medical Center:

  • The Kijabe AIDS Relief program began in 2003 and served a growing clientele from the Naivasha area. Travel made long-term follow-up challenging.
  • Friends of Kijabe financed the development of a new medical center.  
  • In 2006, Kijabe purchased a plot of land along the Naivasha/Mai Maihu Road.
  • In the same year, a small modular clinic was constructed but the volumes quickly exceeded the capacity, followed by a smaller modular maternal-child health building.
  • Friends of Kijabe also installed a water tower. 
  • The much larger 2-story structure, with 9 clinical rooms, casualty, full laboratory and pharmacy was opened in late 2009.
  • Services provided have included HIV treatment, general outpatient, and maternal child health.  
  • A maternity center was opened in 2011.  
  • Other support provided by donors has included an x-ray machine, generator, and ambulance.  
  • Clinical volumes have since grown to over 25,000 patient visits annually.  

Marira Clinic:

  • Kijabe Hospital had long sought a clinic “up the hill” to improve access to services.  Land prices were prohibitive.  
  • In 2005, a local family no longer living in the area offered their home for use as a clinic.  Friends of Kijabe provided funds for renovation of the structure and installation of a water tank.  
  • In 2006, Kijabe purchased a plot of land along the Naivasha/Mai Maihu Road.
  • The clinic opened in 2006, primarily to provide HIV services.  General OPD and maternal-child health were soon added.  
  • The opportunity arose to purchase the property outright, and a single donor provided the necessary $92,000
  • The Marira Clinic assists approximately 12,000 clients per year and has also served as an HIV Clinical Training Center.