Wonderful Recovery


Charity came to Kijabe after an accident that fractured her face and hip.  A failed hip-replacement left her immobilized for three months, and she was carried into Kijabe on a stretcher, desperate for hope.

Not only did she discover hope of healing, she discovered hope in Christ.  Orthopedist Dr. Muchiri, nurses, and anesthesiologists prayed with Charity before surgery and she placed her faith in Christ in the operating theatre.

Six hours after surgery, to the amazement of her family, Charity was able to stand for the first time in months.

“Just before my surgery, I accepted Christ. . .it was a good journey, I must say.  I am getting better, and I thank the staff of Kijabe hospital.  I am very pleased with the doctors, the physios, the nurses.  They kept on cheering me on, saying ‘You can do it,’ and I have done it.  I am very happy!”

Charity returns to visit the Physios at Kijabe on a regular basis to help regain her full strength.  In the video below, you can hear her testimony and watch her walking with Physio Peter.  Please keep Charity in your prayers for continued and complete healing!