Imagine, a mother carries triplets to full-term and arrives at Kijabe hospital to give birth to two 2.5 kg boys and one 3 kg baby girl.

AIC Kijabe is a very busy maternity center, with around 250 deliveries per month, but when multiples are involved, all hands are prepared to help.  Departments involved are anesthesia, obstetrics, and pediatrics, and maternity.  20+ doctors, nurses, techs, medical officers, and clinical officers aided with the delivery and post-delivery process.


Anesthesia team gives medicine before the procedure.  Mum is awake during the c-section, but does not feel any pain.

Dr. Chen, OB surgeon, scrubs in.  She and Dr. Korteweg perform the c-section.

Surgery team pauses to pray before the procedure.

First-born waves hello.

Third-born baby girl.

Mum meets her babies.

First walk, to the resuscitation room inside theatre.  Thankfully, the babies all are breathing well.

Pediatric team is ready for check-up in new-born nursery.

Healthy, heavy babies.  Such a blessing!

After birth on Thursday, they were ready to go home on Monday.  We wish them God’s blessings and much happiness!