Pediatric Surgery at SSK


Maureen Wanjau, winner of best young presenter.

The pediatric surgeons at Kijabe made four presentations at the 16th annual Surgical Society of Kenya conference.

Colostomy Closure and Complication by George Ngock

Anorectal Malformation Experience at AIC Kijabe Hospital by Maureen Wanjau

Cloaca Management and Outcomes by Ken Muma

GERD Presentation and Management by Ken Muma

Awards were given to Maureen Wanjau for best young presenter and to Ken Muma for best presenter.

“We are proud of the young achievers, especially for winning the young presenters award because it supports our view that training and investing in young doctors ought to be part of the AIC Kijabe ethos.” – Dr. Ken Muma


Dr. Muma and Dr. Ngock perform a procedure in theatre.