Mountain Bike Encounter

Kijabe is situated on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, and is home to some of the best mountain biking trails in the world.  Dr. Davis, a general surgeon, was out for a ride several years ago and encountered a man named Francis who was having trouble walking some ten years after an accident.  Mzee Francis came to Kijabe to visit the orthopedic surgeon.  Thanks to partner organization Watsi, funding was secured for the surgery and Dr. Mara repaired the ankle so mobility was restored.

Yesterday, on a long ride to the other side of Mt. Kenton, Dr. Davis stopped to inflate a tire, when a man came over and struck up a conversation.

“Do you know my friend Dr. Mara?” the man asked.

A big smile broke out on Dr. Davis’ face.  “Of course, I am the one who referred you!”  Dr. Davis responded.


Mzee Francis was so happy to reconnect with the doctor who had facilitated his healing.  Exchanging phone numbers, they discovered that Dr. Davis’ was already in Francis’s phone – listed simply as Kijabe.

Dr. Davis is certainly not the only Kijabe doctor to make such an impact.  Hotel staff in Nairobi, ranch owners in Naivasha, security at Kenyatta Airport. . .nearly everywhere I travel in Kenya, I encounter someone who has friends or family who were cared for at Kijabe Hospital.  We hope that Kijabe may always be a place of hope and restoration for our neighbors near and far!