Miracle of Mercy


Nearly two months ago, Mercy was seen by a pediatrician at AIC Kijabe Hospital who recognized immediate danger, and hours later, Mercy underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. Though the surgery was successful, recovery was very difficult. Mercy was in a coma in the ICU for a week, and one night her heart stopped beating separate three times. Dr. Caren, the ICU pediatrician on call, resuscitated Mercy, but on the third attempt – after performing CPR for 45 minutes with no response – was prepared to announce that Mercy had died. As she spoke the words, a nurse declared, “she has a pulse!” Mercy had returned to life.

After she was weaned from the ventilator, Mercy was still mostly unresponsive for several more weeks, and doctors feared she would never regain normal function. But then she began to sit, to talk, to write, and even to walk with assistance. She loves to practice counting and reading, to speak with visitors, and to sing her favorite song, “God is good to me.”

Mama Mercy is a Sunday School teacher, and though her faith was severely tested during the dark days of Mercy’s coma, she recognizes that God has worked a miracle in the life of her precious daughter.

Below is a video of Mercy and Mama singing and walking. Dr. Caren is in the white coat, shaking Mercy’s hand. When Dr. Caren met Mercy as she passed by the hospital playground, she was stunned speechless to see her recovery.

Mercy does has a form of neuroblastoma that is very aggressive and is likely to return.  Please pray for God to keep her cancer free as long as possible, and pray for those who lover her to trust in the words of Mercy’s song, “God is good to me,” no matter what the future holds.

The cost of Mercy’s treatment is very substantial, nearly $8000 USD, and though her community & church are helping as much as possible, much assistance is needed to clear her bill.  If you are able, would you consider donating to the AIC Kijabe Needy Children’s Fund to help this amazing little girl return home to her family?  The link to the hospital paypal account is below.  Please list NCF1 Mercy along with your donation so it can be properly designated. Feel free email resmob.kh@gmail.com for information or updates.

We are grateful to the many staff involved in Mercy’s care: Pediatric Neurosurgery, Pediatric Team, ICU and Amazing Baby Center nurses, Bethany Kids chaplain Agnes who spent hours speaking words of hope to Mama Mercy, and volunteer Judy who on daily visits watched Mercy’s miracle recovery unfold. It takes a village and we thank you.

“I am the good shepherd, the good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” John 10:11 – Mercy’s favorite verse