Lab Accreditation




We are proud to announce that AIC Kijabe’s lab has received recommendation for accreditation through the Kenya Accreditation Service (KENAS) as the lab has conformed to requirements for ISO 15189 standard.

Accreditation is the culmination of years of work by lab manager Joseph Mwangi and the entire laboratory team to carry out effective systems and procedures.  The lab serves 150+ patients and can run 500 tests per day.  Nearly 70 specific tests are done at the AIC Kijabe lab in Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Neurology, Virology, Bacteriology, and Histology.  The lab mission is to provide effective, efficient, accessible, equitable, and affordable services that support diagnosis and management of patients and disease surveillance.  AIC Kijabe will be the first lab in Kiambu county and one of sixteen labs in Kenya to receive accreditation.

Medical laboratory services are essential to patient care and therefore have to be available to meet the needs of all patients and the clinical personnel responsible for the care of those patients. Such services include arrangements for examination requests, patient preparation, patient identification, collection of samples, transportation, storage, processing and examination of clinical samples, together with subsequent interpretation, reporting and advice, in addition to the considerations of safety and ethics in medical laboratory work.  ISO 15189

Lab Manager Mwangi notes two philosophies that contribute to the excellent work in the Kijabe lab:

Refer to criticism as opportunity for improvement

Take no shortcuts

Visiting pathologist Dr. Davidson describes the function of the lab in the following way: “The lab is like a rudder that steers the ship, it is not necessarily seen, but it does the most important work.”

We are proud and grateful for the hard work of our laboratory team!