KRNA Graduates


The Kenya Registered Nurse Anaesthesia program was created with the purpose of raising the level of available anesthesia care in Kenya, especially remote regions, and in neighboring countries. KRNA students learn to function at a very high level during the two year program, and will return to their communities and hospitals well-equipped to serve.  This is the 7th graduating class, and they will join a hundred other graduates in providing safe anaesthesia care.  Following are some thoughts the graduates and tutors presented at their graduation celebration.


“We trust in Jesus and in the skills we have been given.  We pray with every patient, it is Jesus who gives life, it is Jesus who sustained life. For us who are going out, we will trust in Jesus and the skills we have been given that we may practice safe anesthesia.”  – Geoffrey


“I want to tell the juniors (new class), we have been told anesthesia is hard.  But be calm, listen to the teacher, and you will find things very easy.”  – Robert

“When we go out there, there is a time when the phone will ring.  If it is impending rupture of the uterus, if you don’t respond quickly to the call, you will lose the mother and the child.  Remember to respond there as you have here at Kijabe.”  – Anthony

“At the place I am going, there are a lot of machines, but not personnel.  I am going, and now I feel I am equal to the task.  I have learned many skills and feel competent to save lives.” – Elisha


“I am a former nursing student at Kijabe.  Don’t be a stressful anesthetist, always keep smiling!” – Pamela


“In our home, if a man kills a wild animal, they invite their neighbors to share.  You have “killed” this anesthesia program and invited your brothers from South Sudan to share.  The first time we arrived, there was one in Kijabe who was not welcoming: the Kijabe weather!  But we have adjusted, and we are so grateful to our colleagues for sharing all their knowledge.  We will do our best to help our people back home.  If we save two lives a day and work for 30 years, how much will we have contributed to our countries?”  -Joseph


“I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn here (at Kijabe).  I feel empowered, I am so grateful.  When we go to serve, lets serve with passion.  At the end of the day, despite the long hours, we will be happy if we serve with passion.”  – Agnes

“As we go out, it will not be easy, but it all depends on how we approach it.  You don’t get old when you do anesthesia.  My dad is 86 and he still practices anesthesia with passion.  Keep on reading, keep on working hard, and you will not get old!” – Samuel


“Be prepared always.  If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.  Continue to learn, do the right thing.  Come to work at the right time, leave at the right time.  Purpose to learn.  Purpose to do the right thing.  Think, ‘I am not just a nurse. I have to serve my patients, I have to advocate for my patients.’  Know who you are, hold your head hight, and work with the knowledge you have.  Then even the senior people will respect you.  If you want respect, do the right thing with confidence.  Make us proud!”  – Mary Mungai, Tutor


“Those who are leaving, walk with confidence.  May people see something different in you.  Represent this program, be like your teachers, and be like Christ.” – Dr. Newton



Prayer for the graduates.