KCHS Graduation


Friday Nov. 5th was graduation day for Kijabe College of Health Sciences with students graduating in Clinical medicine & Surgery, Kenya Registered Nurse Anesthesia (KRNA), and Perioperative Nursing.  Congratulations to all of our graduates!


Dr. John Ochola was the guest speaker, reminding our graduates of their calling and mission:

“Kijabe Hospital does not focus just on the physical problems.  It’s mission is that every staff member partners with Jesus Christ to focus on spiritual and physical problems.”

“Be warm, approachable, and available.  Your patients will not just look at you as a nurse or doctor.  They will look at you expecting to see Christ.”

“To succeed as a health care provider, you must be a person of prayer for your patients.  You cannot depend on the chaplains.  The greatest instrument of healing you have is not a diploma or syringe or needle or lab equipment or drugs.  The most important instrument of healing you have is prayer.”

“Healing may not come instantly in the first few hours or days or weeks.  Never give up, persevere in prayer for the patient.  You will work hard, you will experience stress.  In all this give concern, listen to your patients, spend time in prayer, give yourself completely to them.  If you do all this, God will make you an instrument of restoring hope and an instrument of the salvation of Jesus Christ.”


A graduate receives her diploma from Peris Kariuki, principal of the Kijabe College of Health Sciences.


Anesthesiologist Dr. Mark Newton greets a graduate.