Excellent, compassionate medical care is a combination of both medical wisdom and a gift from above.  When our clinicians see patients from God’s perspective – with both knowledge that comes from diligent medical study and insight that comes from Him – then we can truly offer Health Care to God’s Glory.


Job is the perfect example.  A physiotherapist, he treated a patient who was experiencing back pain.  Even a non-physio can recite the normal treatment – rest, heat pads, muscle-relaxers, more rest.  But as Job performed a physical exam, something seemed amiss to him, the patient’s pain was in an unusual place.  He exercised both wisdom and insight.

Job recommended an x-ray, which came back showing several unusual masses, one on the spine at the source of pain.  Further testing revealed metastatic cancer.

Think about how amazing this is. . .a physio – not an oncologist or internal medicine doctor – diagnosing metastatic cancer.  It is a terrible realization, a diagnosis no health care provider ever wants to make, but the quick diagnosis means the patient will now have hope for treatment.

Thank you Job for caring well for this patient, for seeing beyond your specialty to provide truly compassionate health care.