International Women’s Day

March 9th was international women’s day, and we would love to share several profiles of our outstanding female staff:

Cecilia Chitayi KRNA Student  Kijabe College of Health Sciences

Cecilia is a nurse in-charge of maternity in Migori County Referral Hospital. As student anaesthetist in Kijabe, her greatest achievement is the ability to administer anaesthesia and get a first-line during difficult airways.

Greatest inspiration: Dr. Joel Musee, anaestheologist (USA) and Mary Mungai, lead anaesthetist in Kijabe.

Call to Women: Good things do not come on a silver platter. Remember too that nothing was meant for men only.

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Dr. Mary Muchendu C.E.O. AIC Kijabe Hospital

With over 34 years of experience in hospital contexts, Dr. Muchendu is passionate about education of healthcare workers and nursing with an inclination to maternal health and child welfare.  She also believes in compassionate healthcare to the needy and vulnerable.

Greatest Achievements: Being at the forefront of nursing education and training of nurses and development of nursing curriculum in Kenya.  Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing (KRCHN) and Kenya Registered Nurse anesthesia (KRNA) have both been launched at Kijabe and are picking up countrywide.  She is also a firm believer in self-development by planning and executing goals.  This is evident her recent journey of becoming a Doctor in Nursing Practice (DNP).  In all her pursuits, she has been a present mother, successfully bring up her family.

Call to Women: Women have what it takes to be successful in family, corporate leadership, and leading others into the knowledge and practice of salvation.

Tabitha, Somali Translator AIC Kijabe Hospital

Elizabeth Cady Stanton said, “The best protection any woman can have… is courage.” Tabitha knows this so true. Due to instability on Kenyan borders, working with the Somali community is highly sensitive and calls for courage. Tabitha’s work goes beyond translation to interpreting deep psychological, social and emotional issues that affect care of Somali patients.

Call to Women: A woman makes an impact wherever she is. All women should work even on small issues that can collectively make the world a better place.


Rebeca Kibigo Cleaner – AIC Kijabe Hospital

I am a true Kijabe-ian, I was born at this hospital 41 years ago! I pray for the administration, I also pray for the workers, for the patients, their relatives, and their friends. I enjoy working at Kijabe Hospital, because it’s a Christian institution, and also I see God at Kijabe Hospital.

Call to women: Be strong and accept yourself.

Carol Ngige – Maternity Chaplain – AIC Kijabe Hospital

What do you love most about your work at Kijabe?

Going home and knowing that I made a difference, I made an impact on someone.  Not looking at how many people did I get to talk to or counsel.  The fact that I go home and feel, okay, I’m glad I talked to that one, she looks much better now than when I came in.  She’s not as sad or in despair or feeling lost.  That makes it worthwhile for me.

Some of them I have not even met before.  If it’s a new person and I have been given a consult, I ask for permission to talk to them at the moment.  They may be really worried or really sad, so I make a point of building rapport with them.  I start on a friendly basis, and not ask directly I  what is worrying you, but I will pick up in the conversation maybe there is something that is happening at home or psychologically something they are carrying around.

Message for Women:

They count, they count with God, they count in society.  They are the ones that make the world go around, without them we wouldn’t even be anywhere.  They are of importance, they are of value.  God has a reason why he made them women.