ECCCO Training


Good clinical care in Kenya especially in peri-urban and rural areas is largely dependent on Clinical Officers who are the first and in the majority of cases, the only clinical contact for many patients across the country.

There has been an increasing awareness by health care stake holders of the need to adequately equip Clinical Officers with the knowledge and skills they need to manage patients in acute care settings especially the initial stabilization and management of critically ill patients.


The first few hours after presentation are golden hours that can mean the difference between life and death for critically ill patients who may not have access to larger health care institutions with more resources.

This realization inspired one of our newest programs, the Emergency and Critical Care Clinical Officers (ECCCO) Training Program, which seeks to equip Clinical Officers with the knowledge and skills required for the initial management of critically ill patients.

Our first class has 9 Clinical Officers and we hope to continue this training to build up a pool of Clinical Officers who can work in underserved areas including those with unreached people groups as part of fulfilling the Great Commission.

– Dr. Evelyn Mbugua, Director of Medical Education

*Watch the video below to learn more