CT Scanner Commissioning

On October 23rd, Professor Mugoha, chair of the Kenya Medical and Dentistry Practitioners Board visited Kijabe hospital to officially commission the new CT machine.  Professor Muhoga offered commendations on the maximized use of operating theatre resources (10,000 surgeries annually); providence of scans, ultrasounds, and x-rays 24-7; training nurses and interns; and keeping patient fees affordable.

Professor Mugoha and Executive Director Mary Muchendu both spoke about Public-Private Partnerships, which will be vital in providing the necessary resources to provide health care for all Kenyans.  In 2001, in the Abuja declaration of millennium goals, African Union governments pledged to dedicate 15% of their budgets to health care.  According to Professor Muhoga, only 6 countries have achieved this goal.  Consequently in a resource-poor area, with lack of government assistance available, this endeavor into PPP is an essential step forward.

Representatives from Jamu Imaging Centre, African Inland Church, Kijabe Station Management, and the Kijabe Hospital Board were present for the ceremonies.  We are grateful to all of our partners in this endeavor.

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