Building a team


Over the past 2.7years, Dr. George Ngock has been studying with Bethany Kids at Kijabe Hospital in the PAACS Pediatric Surgery Fellowship to become one of the few trained pediatric surgeons from his home country, Cameroon.  While at Kijabe, he saw the value of a competent team to support his surgical practice back home.

Dr. Ngock approached the Head of Anesthesiology at Kijabe, Dr. Mark Newton and requested if he could bring two of his anesthesia care providers for a internship at Kijabe Hospital. This would allow them to work together side by side, learning how to effectively care for the smallest of their patients, day old babies. With the green light given for a six months internship, he embarked on the next step which was mobilizing resources for the six months internship as well as sorting out immigration issues that would allow the two nurses to come to Kenya for six months.

Friday, 25th August marked the last day of the six months internship at Kijabe. For the two nurse anesthetists – Ntam David and Naphthali Abong – this six months has not only given the needed exposure to knowledge and skills in pediatric anesthesia, the two have also attended classes, undergone training in ICU and achieved their ultimate goal-working side by side with Dr. Ngock to see how best they can be his ‘left hand men’ as he completes training and goes back home to practice safe pediatric surgery. Their time here has been made possible through funding from Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services.

The next step for Dr. Ngock is training PACU nurses. He hopes he can raise enough funds to bring two of his peri-operative nurses to spend short times in Kijabe to better their skills in post operative care particularly of his pediatric patients.

Dr. Roger Barnett presents anesthetists certificates Ntam and Abong