AIC Kijabe Hospital is a non-profit hospital located in Kijabe, Kenya.  Kijabe is located within the Rift Valley escarpment, in a rural area located about 65 kilometers northwest of Nairobi.  Founded in 1915 by missionaries from Africa Inland Mission (AIM), it was initially named Theodora Hospital and was located on the Rift Valley Academy Campus.  Much of the early healthcare was provided through the Davis and Barnett families.  Dr. Elwood and Bernice Davis served at Kijabe from 1919-1949, then Dr. Arthur Barnett from 1959-1963, Dr. Bill Barnett from 1963-1979, and Dr. Stanley Barnett from 1981-1984.  Completion of the hospital as we know it occurred in 1980, though expansions occur to this day.

The hospital grew from being a small outpatient healthcare facility serving the immediate Kijabe area to providing in-patient services to patients from across Kenya.  A maternity ward, operating theatre, and in-patient wards were added.  Training programs followed, including internships for medical officers and the establishment of a nursing school in 1980.  Healthcare provision and partnerships expanded with the establishment of dental services, pediatric services for disabled children (through a partnership with CURE international), pediatric general surgery and neurosurgery (through a partnership with Bethany Kids Africa) and HIV/AIDS care (through partnerships with PEPFAR and others).

In the 1970s, the Africa Inland Church (AIC), a large church denomination in Kenya assumed ownership and management responsibility for the hospital from AIM.  The hospital staff of over 700 now comes from all parts of Kenya and Africa, including a number of volunteer missionaries from overseas.